Fire Damage Restoration in Oakland

In the aftermath of a fire, it’s hard to know what to do next. Luckily, Beyond The Horizon Construction Inc. is here to help.

Our highly skilled and trained team of experts has the skills, knowledge, and expertise it takes to restore your property to its original condition after a fire. What’s more, we understand that this can be an emotional and stressful time, and we’re here to provide empathy and support throughout the process.

Call us now at (415) 312-4730 and read on to learn more about our fire restoration services.

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Beyond The Horizon Construction Inc.’s Expert Fire Damage Restoration Services

We’ve dedicated our lives to making sure we have the leading fire repair and restoration services in town, and we’re proud of our reputation as the best around.

When you choose us, you can be sure that we will:

  • Show up right on time
  • Bring our top-notch tools and equipment
  • Check in with you to confirm plans
  • Get straight to work, completing our tasks quickly and efficiently
  • Clean up afterward, leaving your place spotless

Most importantly, you’ll get the top-quality work you need with the outstanding customer service you deserve. No matter what we do, we always do it with grace, understanding, sensitivity, and care. Once we’re through, you’ll understand why we’re known as one of the best fire damage restoration companies in town.

In-Depth Fire Restoration Inspections

In a stressful situation like this, the inspection is one of the essential first steps to take. It’s necessary for understanding what the level of damage is, and what we can do to fix it. If you’ve recently had a fire in your home, our professional inspection services will help you at this time.

All you have to do is call us up, and we’ll send over one of our staff contractors to look over the damage and fully assess the situation. It’s this combination of thorough assessments and superior quality service that make our fire restoration services unbeatable in the community.

Our Full-Service Fire Damage Cleanup

After a fire, cleanup and damage restoration are crucial. That’s why you need us. We’re professionals who know all there is to know about all aspects of fire damage cleanup. We have experience with a wide variety of methods, and we know how to handle just about anything. Some of our specialties include:

  • Dry ice blasting
  • Manual clean up
  • De-charring
  • Vacuuming
  • Smoke sealing
  • Soda blasting
  • And more

Trust us, and you’ll see the difference top-notch restoration services make. With us, you can be sure that your property is as good as new again before you know it.

Contact the Top Fire Restoration Company in Oakland

Give us a call now at (415) 312-4730 to speak to a customer service representative. They’ll be happy to answer all your questions, help you choose a fire damage service that is right for you, and offer sympathy and understanding in this trying time. That’s what makes us the best fire damage crew in Oakland. Call us now!