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Is your San Francisco home beginning to feel a little cramped? Is your family complaining about the lack of space ever since one of your in-laws moved in?

You might be feeling pressure from all sides to sell your home, pack up, and move into a larger home. But you’re in San Francisco, aren’t you? The land of innovation? Why not try to solve your problem creatively rather than expensively?

Home additions are the solution for all your problems. But it’s important that you find the right team of builders for your project. You need a team of skilled contractors who can provide you with a thorough consultation, fair rates, fast service, and an amazing finished product.

Thankfully, that team isn’t out of reach. All you need to do is call Beyond The Horizon Construction Inc. We’re the licensed, insured, and highly trained home remodelers you can count on.

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Home Additions for Your San Francisco Home

If you’ve found our website, that means you’ve already decided to stick with the home you’ve long held dear to your heart. You’ve decided not to move into a larger home because you know that any newly purchased home will require as much if not more work than building a home addition.

Now it is time for you to find the right home remodeler for your project. At Beyond The Horizon Construction Inc., we know who you should choose. But it may not be so obvious to you just yet.

What separates Beyond The Horizon Construction Inc. from the other home remodelers in San Francisco? While we hold true to our city’s credo of embracing innovative technologies, we also deploy a few forgotten practices.

One such practice is consultations—and not just over-the-phone consultations, or quick in-person ones. Beyond The Horizon Construction Inc. believes in thorough consultations. This is a standard of customer service, but a lot of people in San Francisco have abandoned this practice in favor of expedient service.

Beyond The Horizon Construction Inc., on the other hand, wants to take time getting to know our clients. We want to know your preferences. We want to know the history of your home. We want to know about its weak spots and its structural integrity. We want to know everything we can so we can avoid the common pitfalls of home remodeling and home additions.

When Beyond The Horizon Construction Inc. has a detailed plan for your home addition project, we can proceed with obtaining the appropriate permits, checking for the availability of our favored subcontractors, and making sure we have all the building materials we need.

Many home remodeling companies fail to plan their projects, resulting in unexpected material purchases. When purchases are made at the last minute, they’re often more costly than if they were made ahead of time from the preferred suppliers.

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Building Your Home Addition

While it is true that some clichés lose their meaning when used repeatedly, the reality is that there is often a whole lot of truth to them and that is why they became so common in the first place. This is certainly the case with the saying,“home is where the heart is.” And as a homeowner in San Francisco, you don’t need us at Beyond The Horizon Construction Inc. to tell you how invaluable a well-built home is for you and your family’s happiness now and in the future.

However, if your home is no longer big enough to meet your family’s needs, then you might think that the only option available is to move. Thankfully, there is an alternative at hand.

With a wealth of experience in all types of home additions in the San Francisco area, we at Beyond The Horizon Construction Inc. can add space and depth to your existing home seamlessly. Our professional approach to home additions of all types means that we can add immediate and lasting value to your home, while also saving you the time and stress that often accompanies looking for a new home.

So, if you want to add a new bedroom or renovate a basement in your San Francisco home, then why not give us a call today and allow our skilled team of construction specialists do what they do best.

Top Benefits to a Home Addition

If you love your neighborhood and don’t want to move your children to a new school district, but are struggling to find sufficient room in your San Francisco home, then it sounds like you need to contact Beyond The Horizon Construction Inc. today. Our skilled and certified home addition specialists can make some much-needed alterations to your home and increase the square footage of your home in no time at all. This will not only give you more space, but it will also enhance the curb appeal of your home immediately.

With that in mind, here are some of the most obvious benefits of investing in a home addition service from us:

  1. Additional Space: At Beyond The Horizon Construction Inc. we can expand existing rooms or have your home incorporate entirely new areas to serve as completely purpose-built rooms. Each member of our team is trained to work closely with all our clients to make sure that you are given the opportunity to brainstorm an endless amount of possibilities.
  2. Affordable Alternative to Moving: Often people will leave their home when they feel they have outgrown it. But if you compare the cost of building a home addition to the expensive, stressful and time-consuming task of moving, the preferred choice is obvious. Don’t give up on your home so easily. Just give Beyond The Horizon Construction Inc. a call!
  3. Increased Home Value: An often-over-looked advantage of investing in a home addition is that the added squared footage can automatically boost your home’s value and increase its curb appeal.
  4. Design Control: Another great benefit of home additions is that they allow you to design your home’s new space according to your own taste and specifications rather than someone else’s. You can finally make the house feel like it belongs to you by giving it your own personal touch.
  5. House More Family Members and Guests: When you have relatives making an extended visit you need to find room for them. A home addition can be a perfect guest-room or additional bedroom for long-term guests of any sort. Sometimes the tiny guest room or couch does not suffice for an elderly relative, either. Many family members will want to add a home addition because they want their aging family members to be as comfortable as possible. It can seem like a big investment, but you can’t put a price on your family’s happiness.
  6. Short-Term Rentals: It is no secret that short-term rentals are popular in the San Francisco area. When people are coming just for a few months for a school semester, a vacation or a work contract, they don’t always want to stay in an impersonal hotel room or crowded dormitory. Adding a well-insulated room onto your house could be perfect for hosting short-term residents.

Home Additions to Choose From With Beyond The Horizon Construction Inc.

Because real estate is so prized and the red-hot housing market here in San Francisco shows no signs of cooling down anytime soon, homeowners living in the City by the Bay might be thinking twice about the need to move. Why take on a massive mortgage and all the stress of moving homes right before a rate hike by the Federal Reserve?

That’s why so many families and homeowners in San Francisco are making use of the space they already have by building additional value into their existing homes with a home addition.

Whether you choose to build up with a second-story addition or to build out with a sunroom addition or a home-attached greenhouse, partnering with Beyond The Horizon Construction Inc. is the best way to get your dollars’ worth. We work hard to make beautiful home additions that coexist with your current design and integrate with your existing heating and plumbing systems. Check out your options below!

Second-Story Additions

Adding a second or even a third story to your existing San Francisco residential space is a major undertaking, but it will radically transform your living quarters into a spacious, beautiful and modern property. Given how strictly regulated horizontal development here is, it’s usually more feasible for San Franciscans to build on top of their existing units.

Adding a second story to your home is unlike a sunroom addition. It is in nearly all cases a very invasive renovation which will require you and your loved ones to relocate during the process. It can take anywhere from six months to a year of preparation, including designing a new set of blueprints, consulting with an architect to ensure the building is stable, and filing the necessary paperwork with the municipal government.

Beyond The Horizon Construction Inc. is experienced in building second stories on top of existing buildings here in San Francisco. We’ll act as your captain during this complex process, coordinating all the moving parts, putting you in touch with our network of contractors and industry partners, and overseeing every aspect of construction. We simply will not stop until you have a beautiful and dramatic new living space that you and your loved ones are thrilled with.

Home-Attached Greenhouses in San Francisco

The home-attached greenhouse sounds like something from a dream, doesn’t it? Well, you’re in San Francisco, where more innovation happens in the blink of an eye than anyone can keep track of.

Building a greenhouse sounds ambitious, but if you think of all the benefits you’d receive it is a cost-effective, progressive and enjoyable addition to any San Francisco home. Greenhouses can be social and inviting spaces as much as spaces for your plants. Which means that if you leave room for tables, chairs or benches, you have doubled the value of your home addition instantly!

An attached greenhouse is more feasible than you think. Since the greenhouse is attached to your home you will always have access to water. Setting up the electricity for your greenhouse would not require much work either.

An eco-friendly greenhouse would become an enormous source of heat for your home during cooler evenings. Other than providing warmth, you will also reap the benefits of all the vegetables and herbs if you choose to grow them. The air quality in your home will also improve dramatically thanks to all the plants thriving in your home. Scientists know that even having just a few plants in a home can improve the air quality, so imagine what dozens or even a hundred plants could do for your quality of life!

Without all the plants in a greenhouse, you could still have a lovely and enjoyable sunroom. Sunrooms are perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing by yourself.

Sunroom Additions

For many San Franciscan homeowners, their home is just about perfect—except for the fact it’s a little bit cramped. But if your children are sharing a bedroom with a washing machine, maybe it’s time to consider adding a sunroom, mudroom, laundry room or other small functional addition onto the ground floor of your property.

Traditional sunrooms are a beautiful spot to catch some rays on a chilly day or relax with a cup of tea and a good book in hand. Mudrooms provide necessary storage space and a buffer between your front door and the outside world. And adding a laundry room or greenhouse transforms your tiny space into a more organized and efficient place to live.

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