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The Mandatory Soft Story Retrofit program was a 2013 initiative of the Department of Building Inspection here in San Francisco. The goal of the Mandatory Soft Story Retrofit program is to correct a common building flaw in buildings that were constructed prior to the 1978 construction code changes. There are approximately 3,000 buildings in San Francisco with a soft story design flaw, and these buildings are at a substantial risk of collapse during the next large earthquake in our area. The city has notified the owners of these buildings that they must correct these flaws with a soft story retrofit. That’s where Beyond the Horizon Construction comes in. If you have received notice that you need to make these changes to your property, we will work with you to find a cost effective solution.

What is a soft story retrofit?

Prior to 1978, it was common for buildings in San Francisco to be constructed with a “soft story” ground floor. These ground floors feature large perimeter wall openings and have few interior partition walls. Whether these are parking garages or retail spaces, it leaves the structure extremely vulnerable to earthquakes. During side to side or back and forth shaking, the structurally weaker ground floor is unable to support the weight and movement of the more rigid upper floors, making these structures significantly more likely to collapse in the event of a major earthquake.

San Francisco Construction Experts

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and decades of experience in the construction industry, we are the perfect company to work with if you have been notified that you need to retrofit your property. We will work with you to perform the necessary improvements in a cost-effective and professional manner. For soft story retrofit work in San Francisco, call Beyond the Horizon Construction today!

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