Soft Story Retrofit In San Francisco

Several residential and commercial buildings in San Francisco contain what is called a soft story on the first floor. The soft story is characterized by wide openings and fewer exterior walls, and frequently features retail or garage space.

While a space-saving solution, buildings with soft stories have extreme structural vulnerability in the event of an earthquake.

Fortunately, the full-service construction and restoration professionals at Beyond The Horizon Construction Inc. provide seismic soft story retrofitting services. We will ensure that your home or business is structurally sound and reinforced.

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Dependable, Durable Soft Story Retrofitting

Soft story buildings are a familiar architectural component of the San Francisco cityscape. Prior to the construction code of 1978, it was a standard building practice despite its inherent structural flaws.

While buildings featuring a soft story first floor may still be in overall good condition, they are in danger of extensive damage or even downfall. In 2013, the City of San Francisco created the Mandatory Soft Story Retrofit Program, obligating residential and commercial property owners to make necessary upgrades to their soft story buildings.

The contractors at Beyond The Horizon Construction Inc. have extensive experience in seismic retrofitting. With a variety of ingenious design and construction solutions and use of the highest quality materials, we will add dependable reliability and reinforcement for years to come. Based on the size and characteristics of your building, we can propose the correct solution to keep your building strong and durable.

Experienced and Qualified Construction Professionals

Our team of construction, remodeling, and repair specialists has built a significant reputation over the years for the quality of our craftsmanship and our wide range of services.

We recommend and advise the best methods and structural upgrades to your property and are committed to using only the highest quality of materials. Because we work alongside leading manufacturers and suppliers of steel and metal products, we can pass on the cost-savings to our clients.

Each of our contractors is fully licensed and insured for our services and has also completed extensive training and qualifications. We work with both speed and precision and deliver the highest quality results at a competitive rate.

Unmatched Expertise in Seismic Retrofitting

We are expertly familiar with state-of-the-art materials and proven methods for seismic retrofitting. We reinforce your buildings structure by means of steel and wooden frames and beams. Depending on the age and materials of your structure, we can recommend the best methods of reinforcement.

We constantly upgrade our knowledge base on innovative earthquake-proofing for commercial and residential buildings and are committed to implementing the latest in reinforcing technologies.

Soft Story Reinforcement for Your Residential or Commercial Building in San Francisco

If your residential or commercial structure in San Francisco has a soft story, you can depend on Beyond The Horizon Construction Inc. to strengthen and safeguard your building.

Our extensive experience, use of the best materials and resources, and wide range of specialties make us San Francisco’s best choice for earthquake-proofing, retrofitting, and upgrading existing structures.

In the event of an earthquake, you can be confident of a strong and dependable structure.

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Hit with a Soft Story Ordinance in San Francisco? Call Beyond The Horizon Construction Inc. for a Soft Story Retrofit Today!

We’ve all read that one New York Times article about the risk of a subduction zone earthquake hitting the West Coast one day. Hopefully that risk is greatly exaggerated. But as a business owner, you just can’t take that risk, especially if you’ve been served a soft story ordinance by the municipal powers that be.

While it’s unfortunate for any property owner to have to undergo government-mandated retrofitting, the risk of a serious seismic event in San Francisco is real. Building requirements have changed as seismology has evolved as a science. While it’s some small consolation for the cost, the upgrades and structural reinforcements you’ll undergo during a soft story retrofit with Beyond The Horizon Construction Inc. can save thousands of dollars in ordinance fines, potential insurance losses, and, ultimately, in lives. In the long run, that’s worth spending money up front to ensure a safer city for everyone who lives and works here.

The fact of the matter is that living in San Francisco provides so many incredible benefits. And the retrofit ordinances will create a safer and stronger city that is prepared and resilient for whatever may come.

Renovating your soft story building with Beyond The Horizon Construction Inc. is the most cost-effective way to meet soft story retrofit requirements. We have years of experience in providing consulting and contracting services to soft story building owners in the area no matter what their remodeling or renovating requirements are.

Affordable Ways to Earthquake-Proof Your Business or Residential Building

While a soft story retrofit isn’t the cheapest building renovation project you’ll undertake, it’s certainly less expensive than the alternative. But we’re experts in renovating up to current municipal and state building requirements while keeping your project on budget.

Some of the best strategies to render your soft story building collapse-proof won’t cost an arm and a leg either. Here’s some of the most common solutions we find for our clients:

  • Installation of lateral-force mitigating metal frames on doorways
  • Installation of steel frames throughout garage doors or first-floor entrances
  • Addition of plywood beams to your existing structure to increase lability

There are several qualified industry partners that have produced affordable ways to mitigate the expense of making your building compliant with the San Francisco Building Code and Beyond The Horizon Construction Inc. is proud to be able to install their products safely and effectively.

Don’t Hesitate – This is the Final Year to Complete a Soft Story Retrofit Without Fees

While we can’t speak on behalf of the San Francisco municipal government, a quick Internet search will inform you that if you haven’t begun work on retrofitting your building, it must be completed and certified by year’s end in order to avoid building code violations.

When it comes to building a safer San Francisco, trust Beyond The Horizon Construction Inc.. We are experienced contractors with a wealth of past experience and specifically have helped property owners become compliant with all municipal ordinances over the last few years. Time is running out— call us today!